To raise up a generation of missional leaders for the flourishing of greater Indianapolis.

Circle City Fellows exists to raise up a generation of missional leaders for the flourishing of Indianapolis.

We believe God’s people are meant to do the work of God in the space where they spend the bulk of their time – their workplace.

We equip and empower young adults to seek the welfare of greater Indianapolis by helping them understand how the work they do each day, when aligned with God’s heart for mission, is ministry.



To equip and empower young adults in greater Indianapolis to integrate their faith into their work and beyond through spiritual leadership formation.

Why Here & Now? 


God calls all people to engage in his kingdom mission through work.

Your work is meaningful to God and intrinsic to God's mission in the world.

You are meant to contribute to the flourishing of the city through the work you do!


How American Churchgoers SEE Their Work



“I can clearly see how
the work that I am
doing is serving God
or a higher purpose.”



“I believe the work that I
am doing is just as
important as the work of a
pastor or priest.”


Source: Barna Group for the Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University


What’s the Connection?




Almost four out of five churchgoers doubt that the work they do is equal in importance to the work of a pastor or priest.


During the past year, fewer than one in five churches publicly dedicated or commissioned their members to serve God in the places where they work.




Source: Barna Group for the Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University


Why Here?

  • Faith and Work Movement in Indy

  • Circle City Fellows is a unique addition to that movement.



The Experience

A nine-month spiritual leadership formation experience comprised of weekly cohort gatherings, monthly Saturday forums, and quarterly weekend retreats that is:

  • Community focused - Fellows seek the welfare and flourishing of greater Indianapolis.

  • Relationally connected - Fellows belong and are known by their cohorts.

  • Theologically rooted - Fellows look to Scripture and theology to center their understanding of
    God’s mission.

  • Personally formative - Fellows develop character and connect with God through intentional spiritual practices.

  • Culturally relevant - Fellows learn to practically engage in their local context.

Key themes of the program include exploring the Biblical imagination of God's Mission for God's People, developing a theology of work, discerning one's calling, developing a culture-making vision and praxis for one's context, and engaging spiritual practices for the sake of character transformation. Integration of these themes are demonstrated through individual personal formation and professional development projects executed over the course of the nine month experience.


The Momentum is Building


Financial Investment

September 2018 - February 2019:

More than $45,000 given and/or pledged 


Partners & Supporters

These churches, businesses, and organizations have connected with us in tangible ways:


Our Budget



  • Fundraising through private donations & grants

  • Church and Business/Organization partnership investment

  • Tuition from each fellow


Make Your Connection


Young adults who live and work in the greater Indianapolis area and are connected to a faith community.


Mature Christian leaders who desire to serve as mentors in their field to Fellows.


Churches and businesses that believe in the vision of CCF and have chosen to partner with us.


Financial investors who desire to see this mission accomplished.


Interested parties who spread the word about CCF in their own context.

Inaugural class begins
September 2019